Your Real Estate Agent Must Perform

Sep 17, 2018

Your Real Estate Agent Must 1 Cordon Real EstateYour real estate agent should be your partner, whether you’re buying or selling a home, land or investment property. They must understand where you want to go and contribute significantly to getting you there. By keeping our eye on the market, putting your needs first, and working hard to get you the best deal possible – we do that.

Your real estate agent should also provide a complete range of services while charging a fair price. They should inform you of potential costs and risks up-front. They should apply their years of experience and business savvy to mitigate problems before they happen. Their commission discount should save you money and be part of your effective negotiating strategy. We do that.

From Wine Country and North Bay counties of Napa, Sonoma, Solano and Marin to the Peninsula, East Bay and South Coast, we provide buyers, sellers and investors with quality service, aggressive representation, and a fair commission that is typically the lowest available – because that’s what you want from your real estate agent.

Whether buying or selling, please use Contact Us to share your needs and request a quote. We’d like to be your real estate agent.

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