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Apr 27, 2018

Your Annual Rental Property InspectionYour annual rental property inspection is an important landlord responsibility that benefits tenants and owners, and summer is the best time to conduct it. If you’re an out-of-town owner, busy landlord, have un-cooperatives tenants or are responsible for property held in trust or going through probate, we can help. Whether you have a single unit or 100 that need inspection, we can inspect your properties anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area.

We’ll follow these five simple steps for any property type:

  1.  Customize a detailed inspection checklist for your specific property.
  2.  Schedule the inspection and provide tenants with proper notification.
  3.  Conduct the inspection and prepare a report.
  4.  Help you implement corrective actions, if necessary.
  5.  Inspect corrective actions (e.g. repairs or clean-ups), if necessary.

The checklist for your annual rental property inspection will focus on items important to the health and welfare of the tenants and protection of the owner’s investment. General areas of inspection typically include:

  • General compliance with all verifiable terms of the lease.
  • Verification of occupants and identification of any issues relating to unauthorized sublets, un-registered occupants or overcrowding.
  • Presence of unauthorized pets and pet damage.
  • Vehicles properly registered and no visible signs of vehicle damage to the premises.
  • Condition of interior and exterior, including walls, floors, windows and other surfaces.
  • Proper operation of environmental systems – heating, cooling, ventilation.
  • Proper operation of plumbing systems – cold and hot running water, dripping fixtures, dripping or broken pipes.
  • Proper maintenance of grounds, if applicable.
  • Proper storage and removal of trash and recyclable materials.
  • Presence and condition of personal property provided per the lease.
  • Any other unique features of the property.

Note: Inspections of the physical property as noted above are cursory. For a detailed inspection, consider having a licensed general property inspector present during the inspection.

Inspection reports include photos of each area inspected and detailed photos of damaged areas or evidence of possible lease non-compliance. Reports are submitted in PDF format by email but may also be sent via US mail if requested.

Additional services available:

  • Market Rent Analysis (MRA) – a comprehensive review of current and local market conditions and rent levels for similar properties.
  • Lease review – review contents of your lease and, if appropriate, suggestions for improvement.
  • Move-In or Move-Out inspections.

For a written proposal to conduct your annual rental property inspection, please submit the form below or call John at (707) 317-0280. For more about our full service property management services, click here: Property Management Services.

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