Weekend Getaways Shouldn’t Be Just For Weekends

Aug 23, 2018

Because Weekend Getaways Shouldnt Be Just For Weekends Cordon Real Estate 2Weekend getaways – places we dream of while grinding through long, hard weekdays in the city. Mountain retreats, vineyard estates, cozy cottages or condos a few steps from downtown dining and entertainment. When it’s time to grab hold of a weekend getaway to call your own, we can help.

Whether your weekend getaway is just for weekends or also for summer vacations, permanent relocation or an eventual retirement home, we make the process of finding and purchasing the right property as easy as possible. We listen to your needs, won’t waste your time. From luxury estates with private or commercial vineyards to a cute pied-à-terre in a quaint wine country village, we’ll work hard to find the weekend getaway or long term home that’s right for you.

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