We Sell Unique Homes And Land

Feb 23, 2023

Cordon Real Estate can sell your unique home or land, regardless of condition or circumstances of the sale. Whether it’s in mint condition or needs some work (which you may or may not be able to afford), we’ll map out a sales plan that reaches the most buyers and attracts the most competitive offers.
Home In Mint Condition?
Occupied or vacant, we’ll help you decide if staging is appropriate, if any cosmetic updates would increase marketability, and provide a realistic picture of the market for your specific property – no bait and switch!
Home In Average or Less Condition?
There is a market for every property, regardless of condition. Don’t be fooled by “quick cash” offers that pay below market value without the benefit of an independent valuation and competitive offers. We don’t do off-market sales, we promote all our listed properties using creative advertising, comprehensive marketing, and aggressive negotiating to get you the best possible price and terms.
Is The Property In Probate Or Being Sold By A Trust?
We have experience with probate and trust sales for all types of properties: multi-family, single family, condos, and land. We adapt our process to the requirements of your situation. This includes proper and complete disclosure documents to share with potential buyers, regular reports that keep administrators and trustees notified of progress with the sale, and marketing strategies appropriate for the property.
Let use know how we can help you!

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