Timeless Romance – Doctor Zhivago

Jun 6, 2020

Today’s addition to Silver Screen Selections, movie and TV recommendations to help you make it through stay-at-home, is a timeless romance story of love, war and personal struggle.

Doctor Zhivago is a medical doctor in training in 1913 Moscow when he meets a young woman who will become the love of his life, even though he is already committed to another. As the Russian Revolution brings violence to the streets, Zhivago and his new family ride a crowded train to settle far from the city. But soon the Red Army presses Zhivago into service to treat their wounded and he loses contact with all he knows. Through a twist of fate, he reconnects with the young woman, then loses her and returns to Moscow where life under the communists has changed everything.

Doctor Zhivago is a bit of a history lesson, but also one of the classic romantic tales captured on film. Don’t miss it!

Doctor Zhivago (1965) 197min | Drama, Romance, War | 31 December 1965 (USA) Summary: The life of a Russian physician and poet who, although married to another, falls in love with a political activist's wife and experiences hardship during World War I and then the October Revolution.
Countries: Italy, USALanguages: English, Russian, French

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