Repair Contractors Availability

Mar 27, 2020

Real Estate News from Cordon Real EstateJust like homeowners, many property managers rely on suddenly hard-to-find repair contractors to keep their properties in shape. Under the California Governor’s March 19th Executive Order N-33-20, construction as an industry and most repair contractors are generally not considered exempt from lock-down orders, therefore many have shut down. The EO does exempt certain repair contractors if they maintain housing for disadvantaged persons, such as those in shelters or residing in Section 8 housing.

Contractors you used to call on for speedy repairs may be temporarily closed or operating under limited availability. For example, some contractors will only respond to emergencies or situations that threaten the health and safety of residents. Others will only work in unoccupied spaces, such as vacant homes or rentals that are in-between tenants. Bottom line – landlords should be prepared to do some of their own repairs or be willing to tell tenants that as long as their health and safety is not threatened, certain repairs may have to wait until after the lock-down is modified or lifted. Also, landlords and homeowners may want to call contractors they usually rely on and ask if they are available.

As always, this information does not contain legal advice. If you needs such services, contact and qualified professional.

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