Photo Op Home Seller Strategy

Nov 3, 2019

Home buyers often look at dozens of homes during their property search. In post-purchase surveys, most buyers say that the home they ultimately bought met their basic selection criteria and was one “they could see themselves living in.” As sellers, we can take that intangible “see themselves…” and solidify it with a simple photo op home seller strategy.

Virtually every home has a unique feature that sells the house. It could be a large wooden deck from which the owner sees miles of Napa Valley vineyards as they sip coffee and read the morning paper. Or perhaps a large, professional-grade kitchen with new Viking appliances that come with the home. Or a master bedroom suite with a walk-in closet as big as wine country. While an agent can’t always predict which features might connect with any potential buyer who attends an open house, creating a memorable connection with at least one prime feature could help elevate interest in the property. One way to do that is to create a photo opportunity that connects that home and feature with each open house visitor. We can do that in four easy steps:

  1. Create a set (or multiple sets if there are multiple selling features) by adding lighting, seating or any appropriate props in the area of the feature you want to showcase.
  2. Have an agent or assistant assigned to that area to greet visitors as they pass by, pitch the feature, and offer to take the visitors’ photo in this wonderful setting.
  3. Ask the visitor for permission to send them a copy of the photo and capture contact information with which to do so.
  4. Send the photo by email the same day (see example).

The featured photograph will create a connection with the potential buyer that could make a difference in that buyer’s purchase decision. Even if the buyer doesn’t want to pose with the feature, ask if you can send a picture of the feature anyway. Sending a photo will trigger a pleasant remembrance of the home (even if the same setting or photo is already in the MLS listing).

Note:  If the open house visitor is represented by an agent, respect that relationship appropriately in this process.

This photo op home seller strategy is just one home selling strategy you can implement to sell for the best possible price and terms. If you have any questions regarding home buying or selling strategies, drop me a line. Contact Us

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