Land Seller Services

Land Seller Services Cordon Real EstateWe provide San Francisco Bay Area land seller services to prepare your property for sale, implement an effective marketing plan, and negotiate the best possible price and terms of sale. Land sales are often unique and we have the experience to market single family lots, urban in-fill sites, sub-dividable residential tracts, commercial parcels, agricultural land and sites for luxury estate homes.

Market Evaluation. Understanding local market conditions is the first step in positioning your property for a successful sale. We’ll look at the county, city and neighborhood where the property is located to assess current market trends, sales activity and other factors affecting value. We’ll make inquiries with local authorities regarding land use, both under current zoning and land use requirements and the potential for re-zoning, subdividing and other changes that could increase the land’s value.

Preparation. We’ll work within your budget and schedule to help prepare your property for the market. We’ll advise you on which  tests, inspections and entitlements you may want to have in-place prior to selling the property. We’ll also help you assemble a file containing all the paperwork that buyers often request, such as required legal disclosure forms, deeds, entitlement documents, recent tax bills, and any available test and inspection reports.

Marketing Plan. We’ll create and execute a marketing plan that focuses on three of the most important factors that contribute to a successful sale:

  1. Marketing Message. We’ll craft a marketing campaign that highlights the positive features of your property and explains the benefits of ownership.
  2. Multi-Channel Advertising. In addition to listing the property on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), we’ll utilize all available traditional and non-traditional advertising media to reach buyers most likely to have an interest in your property.
  3. Strategic Sales Management. Frequent assessment and improvement of the marketing plan keeps it fresh and “on the radar” of potential buyers.

Tough Negotiating. Regardless of the level of demand for your property, we’ll look for opportunities to gain negotiating leverage and obtain the best possible price and terms of sale.

For help with land seller services, please use Contact Us or call John at (707) 317-0280.

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