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Jul 14, 2020

Is this your new home officeMany employees now working at home full time are discovering the need to upgrade to a new home office. While the kitchen table, hallway nook or desk in the family room might have been sufficient for the occasional work project brought home, it probably won’t work for a full time office. Three home office upgrades that new work-at-home employees usually need include exclusive space, privacy and additional space.

The need for exclusive space appears to be the upgrade in greatest demand for a new home office. The space needs to be used exclusively for business to qualify as a tax deductible office (check with your tax pro for specific requirements). Deductions could include the cost of rent, utilities, cleaning and furnishings.

Increasing the privacy of the workspace is another important upgrade. If frequent phone calls are part of the job, background noise should be controlled. Same with interruptions when focusing on a task with a tight deadline. Privacy provided by a locked door could also be required to maintain confidentiality of company or customer information.

Even with paperless electronic filing, upgrading to additional space might be needed. Office equipment, product samples, sales materials or other items normally stored at the company facility may need to be kept at home. If customers or co-workers are expected to visit occasionally, a couple chairs and a small conference table might be a requirement.

Working at home not only eliminates the need to commute, it also provides the opportunity to relocate to a neighborhood that better fits your needs. One that could be more affordable, have better schools, provide more entertainment options, and offers an overall better quality of life.

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