Every Home Is Unique – Work With An Agent Who Understands It

Jan 28, 2020

Every Home Is Unique Cordon Real EstateEvery home is unique, whether due to its premium location or because it has design and functional features found in very few others. Some features increase demand when it’s time to sell the home, land other type of property – such as an ocean or valley view, swimming pool or chef’s kitchen. Other properties find reduced demand, sometimes because the features that make them unique were not constructed with permits or contain design features that few buyers are willing to pay for. Whether buying or selling, working with a real estate agent who knows how to maximize the benefit of positive features and minimize the impact of negative features can be critical to getting the best price and terms possible for buyer or seller.

A home does’t need to be large to be unique. A small home with modern, updated appliances and innovative storage might find greater demand than a large home that requires significant updating from floor to ceiling. Even a tract home built in a large subdivision can be unique if over the years the owner has customized the property to improve its looks, make its systems more efficient and increase its overall value.

The opposite can be said of a large property where the owner has spent a significant amount of money on improvements that typically provide a very small return on investment. Imported floor and wall tile, modern art installations appreciated by narrow audiences, and hard-to-maintain gardens can make an estate home unique, but not necessarily greater in value to potential buyers.

If you’re planning on buying or selling a home in the coming year, contact us to help you promote its unique features or find a home that has the features you truly want and are worth the price. Call John at (707) 317-0280 or send a note using the form below.

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