Affordable Real Estate Services Without Discount Brokerage Warts

Jun 28, 2019

Affordable Real Estate Services Without Discount Brokerage Warts Cordon Real EstateCordon Real Estate provides affordable real estate services without cutting corners and without the “warts” found in many discount brokerage agreements. What are warts? They are services some brokers don’t offer or gotcha clauses that sellers must agree to or not get the discount.

Here are five good reasons to hire Cordon Real Estate next time you need real estate services, followed by how we provide affordable real estate services differently than discount brokerages.

1. Full Service Tailored To Your Needs.

Most discount brokerages offer limited services to keep their costs and prices down. They might not provide advice on how to prepare the property for sale, staging services, and innovative marketing techniques that require extra cost or effort to implement but result in better terms of sale. We offer a complete line of real estate services tailored to our client’s needs at an affordable price.

2. Representation By A REALTOR®.

REALTOR pinSome discount brokerages hire or contract with agents who are not a REALTOR® (member of the National Association of REALTORS®). Cordon Real Estate agents are active REALTORS® committed to complying with NAR’s Code Of Ethics and take advantage of market information and professional development education offered by NAR’s local associations. Note: Only a state-issued license is required to provide real estate services, NAR membership is not.

3. Marketing That Reaches Buyers AND Agents.

Some discount brokerages advertise their listings only on commercial listing web sites and are not members of the local Multiple Listing Service (MLS). While commercial sites are popular with some buyers, most real estate agents use the MLS as their primary property search tool. By not listing properties on the MLS, discount brokerages may not get listings in front of agents representing active buyers who are pre-qualified and ready to make offers. As an MLS member, Cordon Real Estate can list properties on every local MLS from San Francisco to Sacramento and Mendocino to Monterey, while simultaneously syndicating listings on all the major commercial sites. This provides maximum exposure of the listing to potential buyers and agents.

4. Frequent Re-Evaluation Of Market Conditions and Sale Strategies

Another common feature of discount broker contracts is automatic renewal of the listing when the initial listing period expires. If a seller is busy, they may not notice that the listing has expired and been renewed. We prefer taking a moment to review why the property hasn’t sold and determine the next course of action. If the listing should be renewed, it will be after we have looked at updated market data with our clients and confirmed the best sales strategies to use going forward.

For Sale Condo on Links At Spanish Bay

We created this custom For Sale sign for our Pebble Beach listing, at no cost to the seller, that featured the view from the property’s back porch. We hung the sign out front and featured the photo in marketing materials that attracted great offers.

5. Tell Anyone About Our Services, Good or Bad, With No Gag Rule

There are discount brokerages that actually include a gag rule in their contract that forbids clients from publicly sharing their opinion of the brokerage in the event that they have a less than happy experience. The penalty could be a specified fee or the possibility of binding arbitration or legal action resulting in a money judgment against the homeowner. We recommend consulting with an attorney before agreeing to a contract that includes any type of gag rule.

Cordon Real Estate provides affordable real estate services for buyers and sellers throughout Northern California Wine Country and adjacent communities. We specialize in fine residential homes and estates, land and investment properties. Please contact us if you have any questions or need help with a specific transaction.

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