2017 Fall Home Maintenance Tips

Oct 23, 2017

2017 Fall Home Maintenance Tips Cordon Real EstateTrees turning flaming red and gold and cooler nights mean winter is just around the corner. Here are a few fall home maintenance tips to prepare for the coming cold weather. Start with this list, then add to it based on the features of your particular home.


Check your system maintenance schedule and have a professional perform whatever scheduled maintenance is recommended by the manufacturer. Stock up on filters and check them at least monthly.

Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Fall is a good time to check and replace batteries in smoke and carbon monoxide alarms. Traces of carbon monoxide from stoves and furnaces may build as homes are more frequently closed up to retain heat.

Rain Gutters

Leafs and small pieces of tree branches often fall in rain gutters and clog them in fall. Do a full cleaning and flush the pipes to make sure they are clear. Install gutter filters to keep out debris.

Windows and Doors

Check for air leaks due to cracks or worn out insulation. If exterior door frames don’t already have them, consider installing insulation strips to seal doors better. Thin insulation strips are also a good way to improve the seal on many types of windows.

Garden Hoses

Disconnect exterior hoses from spigots or remove hose-end sprayers to keep hoses from cracking when cold temperatures cause the water in them to freeze and expand. If you’re not using hoses in winter, consider storing them inside until they’re needed again in spring.

Winter Tools

We use special tools for handling winter snow and ice, such as snow shovels and ice scrapers. Check inventory and condition of winter tools before you need them.

Car Batteries

If you live in an area where overnight temperatures may fall to well below freezing, consider using an electric blanket designed specifically for keeping car batteries warm overnight. You may want to hook the battery to a trickle charger on especially cold nights to make sure your car will start in the morning. See examples available on Amazon.com below.

Air Conditioner

Have the air conditioner serviced when temperatures are dropping? You bet! Waiting until weather warms up could result in long wait times as demand for service technicians increases next spring or summer. Annual servicing is often required during the product warranty period or to keep air conditioner repairs covered by most home warranty policies.

Landlords should also consider these fall home maintenance tips for each of their rental properties. Fall is also a good time for annual or semi-annual rental property inspections.

Have fall home maintenance tips to share? Please leave a comment below or Contact Us.

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