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Welcome!   Cordon Real Estate is a full service, independent real estate brokerage providing sales, leasing and property management services for buyers, sellers and investors in the Wine Country areas of Napa, Sonoma, Solano and Marin Counties, plus the East Bay, Peninsula and South Coast. We specialize in all types of residential properties, land and small commercial properties. As an independent broker, we offer deep commission discounts without cutting corners on service. Let's get started!

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Predatory Home Buyers – How To Recognize And Avoid Them

Predatory home buyers appear under any market conditions and prey on sellers of any type of property. Their objective is to coerce sellers into accepting unfavorable contract terms or agree to changes in already agreed-to purchase agreements to achieve a better deal for themselves. Predatory home buyers and their tactics are not always easy to spot up front, […]

Special Real Estate Commission Discounts For The 707

We offer special real estate commission discounts for home buyers and sellers in the 707! Area Code 707 is our home, too, and our neighbors deserve the best. We’re helping home buyers and sellers save on transaction costs by cutting commissions and other expenses while providing an uncompromising level of service to obtain the best […]

Real Estate Wholesaling Is Flipping Paper – Not Properties

If you’ve ever been in the unfortunate position of having to take part in a wholesale real estate transaction, you know that real estate wholesaling is flipping paper – not properties. Last fall I wrote about the risks of selling property to a wholesaler (Beware Of Wholesale Home Buyers!). Wholesaling is simply the process of […]

Real Estate Entitlements Explained

Obtaining real estate entitlements is critical when acquiring vacant land, re-developing a property, or confirming allowable use of the existing developments already on a property. Entitlements are simply specific permissions granted to property that relate to its use. Unlike general rights that every property owner enjoys, such as the Constitutional right against unlawful search and seizure, entitlements relate to the […]