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Problem Tenant Property Management Services

Our problem tenant property management services find solutions to lease violations. Problems typically include late rent payments, property abuse, illegal activities on the premises, and other administrative violations. Solutions range from simple warnings to lease termination and eviction. These services are invaluable to rental property owners who are located out of the area, too busy, or are unfamiliar […]

Calling All Real Estate Flippers!

We’re a Bay Area real estate brokerage looking for real estate flippers to partner with. We are a full service brokerage and provide: Scanning the market for potential investment properties on an on-going basis Detailed property analysis Preparation of competitive offers utilizing creative strategies Tough negotiating Combined purchase/sale brokerage agreements with net discount Services offered […]

Real Estate Investment/Management Packages

Bay Area Real Estate Investors – if you’re looking for your next residential (single or multi-family) or small commercial real estate investment but don’t want management responsibilities, we can help. We offer combined brokerage and management services tailored to your specific needs. Services are discounted to make your purchase offer more competitive and to increase […]

Tips For Attending A Luxury Home Open House

Attending a luxury home open house is a good way to find a house that fits your needs and to gather ideas for remodeling, decorating and landscaping. While an open house for an expensive home or estate is typically very similar to one held for a property in any price range, there are some subtle […]

Personal Property In Real Estate Sales – Beware!

Items found in a home or on a piece of land that are included in real estate sales are either “real property” or “personal property.”  Real property is the land itself and the improvements built on it, such as a house, garage, barn, swimming pool, or anything considered “attached” (real estate people say “appurtenant”). Personal property […]

Tips For Selling A Single Family Rental Property

Here are five simple tips for selling a single family rental property. You may not be able to use every tip deending on your situation, but they are a good starting point for getting your rental property sold fast and for the best possible price and terms. 1. Conduct A Market Rent Analysis Confirm the value of […]