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Welcome!   Cordon Real Estate is a full service, independent real estate brokerage providing sales, leasing and property management services for buyers, sellers and investors in the Wine Country areas of Napa, Sonoma, Solano and Marin Counties, plus the East Bay, Peninsula and South Coast. We specialize in all types of residential properties, land and small commercial properties. As an independent broker, we offer deep commission discounts without cutting corners on service. Let's get started!

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Real Estate Wholesaling Is Flipping Paper – Not Properties

If you’ve ever been in the unfortunate position of having to take part in a wholesale real estate transaction, you know that real estate wholesaling is flipping paper – not properties. Wholesaling is simply the process of buying a property far below market value and then selling the property to someone else for a profit […]

Selling Rental Properties – Special Documents and Disclosures

Selling rental properties, especially when the property is a single family home, can be almost as easy as selling your own home. But whether the property is a residence for a single household or a facility with dozens of units, there are special documents and disclosures sellers should provide to potential buyers when the property […]

Landlord Inspections Throughout The San Francisco Bay Area

Your tenants are probably treating your rental property like their own, but if they’re not you want to know right away. That’s why we provide landlord inspections throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. From simple drive-by’s to detailed inspections of the interior and exterior. Landlord inspections can be most helpful at move-in, move-out or any […]

We Help Our Clients Win By Playing All Their Cards

Buying or selling, successful real estate strategy begins with looking at a deal from all angles, weighing every available option, and helping our clients win by playing all their cards. The standard California real estate purchase agreement contains at least fifty contract variables, so why do so many agents fill in most of the blanks […]